Supreme Court of Canada Ernst v. Alberta Energy Regulator Decision

Courtesy of Alberta Energy Regulator. View original article here.

Today’s Supreme Court of Canada (SCC) decision  is an important one to regulators across the country. This was an important decision affecting the ability of regulators to carry out their responsibilities, which was evident in the participation of other provinces in the proceeding in support of the AER.

The decision has validated the position held by the AER that the claims against the AER’s predecessor, the Energy Resources Conservation Board (ERCB), should be dismissed. The Court did not find there was a breach of Ms. Ernst’s Charter rights, and made no findings of negligence on the part of the AER or its predecessor the ERCB. The Court recognized that permitting the claim would hinder the AER’s ability to carry out its statutory duties effectively and in the public interest.

The AER appreciates that the courts at all levels took the time to carefully consider this important matter and in each instance issued clear, well-reasoned decisions.

The Alberta Energy Regulator ensures the safe, efficient, orderly, and environmentally responsible development of hydrocarbon resources over their entire life cycle. This includes allocating and conserving water resources, managing public lands, and protecting the environment while providing economic benefits for all Albertans.

Courtesy of Alberta Energy Regulator. View original article here.