President’s Message

Welcome to the CELF!

Welcome to the Canadian Energy Law Foundation (“CELF”). Since 1963, the CELF has endeavoured to be the pre-eminent non-profit association for lawyers engaged in energy law throughout Canada. Our mandate is to enhance and promote the understanding of current and emerging legal issues important to the energy industry through collegial thought-exchange and leadership. The CELF strives to promote research, discussion, debate and collaboration on the understanding, administration and promotion of energy law. Our reach and representation extend across Canada.

The coming year presents continued challenges and opportunities to the CELF.  Following the unfortunate cancellation of our 59th and 60th annual Research Seminars at Jasper, Alberta due to the COVID-19 crisis, we moved to a virtual delivery model for the first time in our history. In June of 2021 the Online Webinar Series was held over two half-days with timely paper topics and dynamic and accessible presentations. We were very pleased with the level of participation and engagement by our members. Notwithstanding the success of the virtual format, we are very pleased to announce the CELF Research Seminar will be back in Jasper at the stunning Jasper Park Lodge from June 15 – 18, 2022.  The Research Seminar will provide an opportunity for authors to present their research papers to the energy bar and allow the CELF to continue to fulfil its mandate.  Given what will be a three year gap in hosting the Research Seminar in Jasper, we hope that you will consider joining us!

In addition to the Research Seminar, the CELF will continue quality opportunities for education and engagement, including:

  • Our biennial Energy Law Fundamentals Seminar, last held in fall 2019, allows junior lawyers to gain a practical understanding of basic energy law from leading professors and senior practitioners while developing contacts within the energy law community. The next Fundamentals Seminar is tentatively planned for fall 2022.
  • In February 2020, we hosted a successful West Coast event in Vancouver, B.C. consisting of a panel discussion on the new Canadian Energy Regulator and Impact Assessment Agency, followed by a cocktail event. Similar events, including ones tailored specifically to the East Coast and the electricity industry, will be planned on an ongoing basis, and will hopefully resume early in 2022.
  • Annual graduate and undergraduate scholarships, awarded to students across Canada, provide an opportunity for the CELF to invest in the future of the industry, while our support for the attendance and research of energy focused academics continues the “virtuous cycle” of thought leadership.
  • Our website provides links to upcoming CELF events and past CELF conference papers to ensure access to the latest trends and thought leadership.

It continues to be an exciting time to be a part of the CELF, perhaps now more than ever. I would like to specifically thank members of the CELF and our excellent sponsors for their generous and continuing support, as well as our Board of Directors and numerous volunteers, who comprise a great cross-section of the energy bar and volunteer many hours every year. Notwithstanding the cancellation, postponement or revised format of the CELF events over the past one and a half years, the Board and our volunteers work tirelessly to support and advance the CELF’s mandate.

For anyone wishing to join the CELF, please visit our membership page.  For existing members who would like to be more involved in CELF initiatives, please feel free to contact me or any of our directors.

Thank you,

Ashley Weldon

President, CELF