Membership Fees & Renewal

Membership fees with the CELF depend on the membership class of the member. Annual Class “A” membership fees are $575. Annual Class “B” membership fees are $125.

CELF membership classes are as follows:

Class “A”

  • Law firms comprised of five or more lawyers
  • Corporations and other business associations concerned with the energy industry

Class “B”

  • Law firms comprised of four or fewer lawyers
  • Governmental or administrative organizations
  • Learned or professional societies whose objectives encompass the objects of the Foundation
  • Institutions of learning
  • Individual members (not already being a member under an existing Class “A” or Class “B” entity)

To apply for membership with the CELF, please visit Member Forms & Resources or email

Please complete the following form and payment to renew your CELF Membership. A copy of your invoice will be emailed to your membership administrator upon completion.

CELF Membership

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