Board of Directors

The CELF board of directors represent a wealth of knowledge and experience within the field of law and the energy industry.

2021 – 2022 Directors 

  • President: Ashley Weldon, Burnet Duckworth & Palmer LLP
  • Past-President: Aaron Rogers, Inter Pipeline Ltd.
  • Vice President: Robbie Armfield
  • Treasurer: Xiaodi Jin
  • Secretary: Jen Asquin
  • Governance Committee: Andrea Serjak (Chair), Chris Harris, Kurtis Reed, Robert Froehlich
  • Jasper Seminar Committee (2022): Robbie Armfield (Co-Chair), John Cusano (Co-Chair)
  • Jasper Papers Committee: Vivek Warrier (Chair), Kim Howard
  • West Coast / Western Canada Committee: Allison Sears (Chair), Diana Audino, Caroline O’Driscoll, Zahra Allidina
  • East Coast Committee: Greg Moores (Chair), Vivek Warrier, Simon Baines, Zhara Allidina
  • Social Committee: Carolyn Milne (Chair), Andrea Serjak, Ryan Rodier, Justin Jensen
  • Communications /Website Committee: Caroline O’Driscoll (Chair), Justin Jensen
  • Membership Committee: Simon Baines (Chair), Ryan Rodier
  • Academic Engagement & Scholarship Committee: Diana Audino (Chair), David Wood
  • Fundamentals Conference Committee: Carolyn Milne (Co-Chair), Kurtis Reed (Co-Chair)
  • Sponsorship Committee: Chris Harris (Chair), Greg Moores
  • Electricity Committee: David Wood (Chair), Allison Sears, Kim Howard