The New Dawn — Commercial and Regulatory Considerations Affecting Liquified Natural Gas Export from British Columbia

Volume 50, No 2 ISSN: 1925-8356   |   Courtesy of Canadian Energy Law Edition   |    View Original

Authors: David Holub, Laura Letourneau, Janice Buckingham, Gord Nettleton

This article explores a sampling of commercial and regulatory issues, challenges, and risks encountered in the development of the Kitimat Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) project. The authors describe practical and innovative solutions proposed by lawyers to address the issues, resolve the challenges, and mitigate the risks of an LNG export project. The commercial and regulatory arrangements of the Kitimat LNG project are described. Industrial development on Aboriginal lands is overviewed, particularly in regards to the need for consultation with Aboriginal communities and First Nations groups affected by the proposed LNG project. The National Energy Board export authorizations are also overviewed, with a focus on the export licence requirement for an LNG project.

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