The Alberta Land Stewardship Act and its Impact on Alberta’s Oil and Gas Industry

Volume 48, No 2 ISSN: 1925-8356   |   Courtesy of Canadian Energy Law Edition   |    View Original

Authors: Alan Harvie, and Trent Mercier

This article discusses the impact of the Alberta Land Stewardship Act – enacted by the Government of Alberta with the goal of developing an overarching land use policy to manage all lands and natural resources in the province – on Albertans generally, as well as the oil, gas, and oil sands industries. Although the implementation of the Act is in its early stages, the article nonetheless argues that the Act, and the authority that it grants, will significantly alter the way that land use decisions are made in Alberta and, of specific interest to those in the oil, gas, and oil sands industries, the manner in which proposed projects are reviewed and approved.

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